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The science behind Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide assists in increasing blood flow to the muscle, which makes it a great supplement for body builders. This increase in blood flow allows oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the muscle at a faster rate. The results are more muscle gain and reduction of inflammation. Nitric Oxide reduces pain and extreme stress on muscles when training, making it beneficial for body builders.

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Proven Results

L-Arginine:Before and After

Power Packed Formula


Arginine changes into nitric oxide, which causes blood vessel relaxation (vasodilation). Early evidence suggests that arginine may help improve with vasodilation and has been studied for wound healing and bodybuilding.

In other studies, L-Arginine assist healthy platelet function and enhanced exercise tolerance.

Additional trials indicate that L-Arginine may support healthy lipid metabolism enhancing its cardiovascular support properties. Arginine has demonstrated immune-stimulatory activity and may promote the utilization of nitric acid by scavenger cells for defense mechanisms.

Enhancement of immune messenger compounds has also been observed in several studies with L-Arginine.

1. A-AKG - Increases production of nitric oxide in muscles. Nitric oxide is known to have blood-flow-enhancing effects, which increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to exercising muscles.

2. A-KIC - Increases strength and stamina while extending muscle pump and signaling muscle growth and speedy recovery.

3. OKG - An amino acid that stimulates the body to build muscle and other tissues. It is a nutritional supplement developed to improve the performance of athletes.

4. GKG - A glutamine precursor that efficiently bypasses the gut and has the ability to enter the muscle cell directly giving you superior absorption and cell volumization.

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